Village of Berwyn

Welcome to the Village of Berwyn, the little town with the tower. Berwyn was one of the last communities in Alberta with a wooden water tower. The tower was a local landmark until it was taken down in 1982.

Berwyn is nestled within the Peace River Region of northwestern Alberta. Situated on Highway # 2, the Village of Berwyn is only 37 km. from the Town of Peace River. Berwyn is a quiet community with a population of 526 (2011 census). It is a picturesque community that attracts young and old. Because of the long summer days and good soil, the rural community has been able to maintain a steady population.

Other resource related industries that are important to the region include forestry and the oil and gas industries.

Berwyn has industrial land available for development as well as residential lots for development. If you are looking for a place to raise a family or retire, Berwyn is the place!


The Village of Berwyn now offers an E-transfer option for Utility or Tax payments at the Village of Berwyn.  Please send electronic funds to  We have autodeposit set up so you do not require a password.  Please enter your account # and information in the notes section.

Results of the 2020 Village of Berwyn Organizational Meeting…

Village Councils of Alberta select their Mayor from the five Council members.

Councillors have opportunity to review the selection at the annual organizational meeting, usually held in October.

At the October 22, 2020 organizational meeting, Council voted to elect Councillor Cindy Hockley as Mayor. Former Mayor Ken Montie continues as Deputy Mayor.

The rest of Council’s appointments to various boards and committees are noted below.
Have a problem with your neighbor? Something suspicious happening in your community? Check this out!!!!

To view the 2019 Audited Financial statements, please find them under the Council Minutes section of the website!!!


For more information, please click the link: Election explanation

New Utility Policy

Council has just passed an “updated” Utility policy.  This policy is mostly to match what is currently happening however there are a few minor changes.  If you have any questions, please contact the Village office.  If you wish to review this policy, please click the link below:

Utility Account Policy

Bylaw Complaint Form
If you wish to make a complaint, please print, and complete a bylaw complaint form, sign it, and return it to the village office

Berwyn Infrastructure Audit

An Infrastructure Audit was recently conducted in the Village.  Click the link for more information.   Berwyn Infrastructure Audit 11 07 2016


The Berwyn Community Services and the Berwyn Municipal Library are both looking for members to sit on their board!  If you are interested please contact the Village office for more information. 780-338-3922